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National Capital Chapter
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Scholarship Fund - Dr. Frank A. Rose Endowment

The Dr. Frank A. Rose Endowment was initiated by the Chapter on March 26, 1992, with an initial deposit of $5500.00.

Dr. Rose was a native of Meridian, Mississippi. He graduated from Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky in 1942. He also received a B.A. in divinity from the Lexington Seminary in 1946. He also received honorary doctorates from a number of schools around the nation.

Dr. Rose served as the President of the University of Alabama from 1958-1969. During his years at Alabama, the university's physical plant, faculty size and endowment all grew, and academic standards improved. Dr. Rose also was also an unabashed supporter of Alabama's football program, declaring  "character is not built by a losing team." To back up his words he brought back legendary coach Paul "Bear" Bryant.

Dr. Rose was president of Alabama during one of the university's most tense periods, 1963, when then Governor George Wallace pledged to prevent integration at the Univerisity. Dr. Rose was a political opponent of Wallace and announced that the law would be maintained with some semblance of dignity and civility. As the Washington Post noted in 1991, "Due in no small part to his tact and diplomatic skills, some observers said, integration took place amid relative calm. Although Wallace stood in his doorway and had his say, federal authorities enrolled black students, and Dr. Rose was able to resume his usually quiet and effective work as university president." 

After he left Alabama in 1969, Dr. Rose moved to Washington, DC and became preident of the General Computing Corporation. He also founded the non-profit consulting firm University Associates. He also served as senior consultant to the public affairs firm of Cassady and Associates. Dr. Rose also served on several boards and executive committees for various organizations.